24/7 Emergency Response
24/7 Emergency Response

Standby Fire Protection

Our Secret To Extinguishing Costly Fires Quickly and Effectively

All of our firefighting units are equipped with a twin agent firefighting system. This system is beneficial for standby operations as it is a self sufficient mobile firefighting unit requiring no water supply, therefore, more cost effective for the customer. All units are also equipped with a continuous foam unit for large pumping operations, well control, tank fires, or any other emergency situations.


Unit Specifications

All of our standby Fire Protection trucks are Combo Units which offer standby shower protection. These Standby Fire Protection Combination Units come fully equipped with the following components:


  • 4,000 litres fresh water
  • 4 eye wash stations
  • 4 mid stations
  • 4 over head showers, wetsuits, goggles and on board recovery bed


  • 682 kilograms Purple K
  • 1,362 litres Alcohol type concentrate premix foam
  • Disharged by N2


  • 725 liters alcohol type concentrate
  • Hydraulic driven 2m3/ minute Waterous Pump
  • 2-2 1/2″ pump outlets
  • 2-1 1/2″ pump outlets
  • 1-4″ suction


This Combination Unit has been designed to meet OH&S and BC WCB standards. This unit also comes with a diesel powered chassis (equipped with auto air shutdown), burn kit, first aid kit, two Scott air packs and two fully trained and qualified operators.


Provide a safe and reliable service through Training

Our firefighters have extensive in-house dry chemical and foam firefighting training. Firemaster’s training program is ongoing and we use outside resources such as the Ansul Fire School, Marionette, Wisconsin; University Of Texas, A&M; University of Reno, Nevada and fire etc. Emergency Training Centre. In order to provide a safe and reliable service to our customers, we feel it is our obligation to continue our training program to develop new technology and techniques. It is our philosophy to protect the people, the property, and the environment.

Client Confidentiality

Firemaster firmly believes in our non-media policy in relation to emergency responses. Our personnel are directed to keep all information confidential.