24/7 Emergency Response
24/7 Emergency Response

ERP and Fixed Fire Systems

Pre-Emergency Response Plans

Pre-Fire Plans provide useful information for responding to fires and a systematic method of gathering and recording facts for problem identification, analysis, and information retrieval. Identification of pertinent site-specific information and up-to-date photographs can greatly assist firefighters in understanding hazards and best strategy for rescues and reduce potential for injuries and property damage.

Pre-planning is an all-encompassing term with a broad range of formats and intended uses. The pre-planning process can be comprehensive and meets the requirements of NFPA 1620 or required segments of a local governmental agency.

Alternatively, pre-planning can be a more streamlined process used to provide specific technical guidance to identified groups of employees and responders for foreseeable emergencies to which industry wants their employees to respond in a pre-decided manner or using pre-planned equipment or techniques.



  • Written description of inherent dangers and hazards to responders/employees
  • Plot Plan – Drawing that displays an outline of target buildings, facilities, tanks etc.
  • Inclusion of Floor Plans – detailed interior diagram.
  • Combination Plans (using any combination of plans)
  • Follows NFPA 1620 Standard for Pre-Incident Planning specifications.

Technical Specifications:

  • Third party verification and design review.
  • Provide an inspection report noting deficiencies and/or repairs.
  • Tested equipment tagged and certification provided.
  • Documentation of manufacture, model of all installed equipment.
  • PFOS and PFOA foam change out, including flushing and disposal.


  • Pre-fire emergency response plans compliant to all associated NFPA standards.
  • Flow testing Compliant to all associated NFPA standards.
  • Meet or exceed all Provincial codes.
  • Hydrants inspected and tested as per NFPA 291.
  • Hose and appliance testing as per NFPA 1962

Fixed Fire Systems and Testing

Our fire system specialist creatively and efficiently integrates fire code requirements (NFPA, API, Provincial Fire Codes, etc.), as well as existing company specific design criteria, to achieve a balanced design that will provide the desired level of safety and protection.  We utilize third party verification and design review in the creation of our systems.  Firemaster also distributes for several different fire protection equipment manufacturers and can supply and install equipment.

Firemaster can perform annual tests and inspections of all fire pumps as well as perform periodic visual inspections and/or random testing of the equipment.

Foam chamber verifications of vapor seals/disks are in place, verify flow and pressures of foam chambers, verify proportioning and that there are no blockages in the system and piping.



  • Industrial Fire Protection System Design and Supply.
  • Partnered with several different fire protection equipment manufactures to meet all customer’s needs.
  • Annual Maintenance and Testing of Existing Systems.
  • Flow Testing and Certification for Pumps.
  • Annual Foam Chamber and Pourers Flushing and Testing.
  • Fire Hydrants Inspection and Testing.
  • Fire Hose and Appliance Testing.
  • Temporary Fire Systems when commissioning or servicing facilities.
  • Firefighting Foam Concentrate Sales and Service.
  • Custom Fire Response Trailers.

fire truck and shower unit

Please note that the fire equipment and shower equipment are housed separately and the shower water supply is not used for firefighting purposes.